Hollister, San Benito County Real Estate Market Update for September 4th, 2010

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Single Family Residential

San Benito County-199 of which REO/Bank Owned-38 or 19%
Hollister-141 of which REO/Bank Owned-30 or 21%

San Benito County-191 of which REO/Bank Owned-34 or 18%
Hollister-158 of which REO/Bank Owned-30 or 19%

Absorption Rate:
San Benito County-1.04 months supply of inventory
Hollister-.89 months supply of inventory or 27 days

Solds for the week: 11 (4 late reportings-1 back to 8-5-10)
High: $690,000 REO, New Conv. 1st
Low:  $156,000 REO, All CASH
Full-Price/Over-Asking: 5 or 45%

Sale Type

REO/Bank Owned: 5 or 45%
Equity Sale: 4 or 36%
Short Sale: 2 or 18%

Financing Type

New Conv 1st: 3 or 27%
All CASH: 3 or 27%
VA Loan: 3 or 27%
FHA Loan: 1 or 9%
USDA Loan: 1 or 9%

A bit of an improved week on the closings however there were 4 late reportings ~ one as far back as 08-05-10. Come on people….what is wrong with agents not being able to reports sales in a timely fashion…….

REO/Bank Owned homes and Equity Sales continue to dominate. The Short Sales remain strangely absent. I’m still thinking the government HAFA program has only made more of a mess of the Short Sale market. This program is now 5 months old. I would think that if it was everything they had it cracked up to be…the short sales would be dominating the closed sales in the market and they are not!

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