Seller’s where are you? Only 55 Active SFR Properties in San Benito County today 02-13-13

Active SFR San Benito County 02-13-13

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Where have all the Seller’s gone?

Our inventory for SFR – Single Family Residential Listings in all of San Benito County stand at 55 today.  For Hollister we are at 31. Number’s that are shockingly LOW!

What should they be for normal market conditions??? Good question! For a community our size the inventory should be about 250-300.

Because of the lack of supply we are seeing multiple offer’s on just about everything that is priced right! How many offer’s you ask….how about 20!!

Some properties are selling for 10-20% over list price!!!

Again….Seller’s where are you?????

The banks have lost focus on foreclosures due to lawsuit settlement agreements and federal regulations that have successfully ground the system almost to a halt.  They are now focused on Short Sales…..If you’re upside down and been sitting back wondering what to do…now is the time to get yourself out of that hole! Better yet…it put’s you in a position to buy again sooner rather than later! If you haven’t heard Buyer’s are no longer reluctant to write offer’s on Short Sales. The property I mentioned above with 20 offer’s … a Short Sale in Sunnyslope Village!!!

Our office alone has about 15 buyer’s we can’t seem to find properties that meet their needs…..Mr. Seller it’s highly likely we could have a buyer just waiting for to you to make the decision to SELL….

If you are in a Short Sale position….the agents in this office are the best in the business getting Short Sales approved and closed!

Until next time or when you need us we’re here to help 🙂 and your referrals too!


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